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Real Estate terms – humor!

Here are some terms you may have seen in Real Estate Ads. Below are 
the terms and what they really mean!<p>

* CONTEMPORARY FEELING - Has no woodwork, needs cleaning. 
* WIDE OPEN FLOOR PLAN - Previous owner removed supporting walls. 
* SECURITY SYSTEM - Neighbor has a dog. 
* NEEDS TLC - Major structural damage. <br>
* UPDATED KITCHEN - Sink no longer overflows. 
* CONVENIENT - Located next to a convenience store. 
* MINT - Someone has spilled mouthwash on the carpet. 
* NEUTRAL DECOR - No murals, but has brown walls. 
* COZY - No room larger than 9 x 6. <br>

* LIGHT OPEN SPACES - Many holes in walls and ceiling. 
* OUTSTANDING - Painted purple, sticks out like a sore thumb. 
* COMPACT - Tiny. 
* FOR THE GARDENING ENTHUSIAST - Grounds like a jungle. 
* MUCH SOUGHT AFTER - It's been on the market at least 
twice before and still no one wants it. 
* RARE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY - No one else wants it. 
* SELECT NEIGHBORHOOD - Beside sewage treatment plant. 
* UNUSUAL FEATURES - No windows. 
* USEFUL OUTBUILDINGS - No inside toilet.

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